The President

Jean Dumago-Descallar, known to everyone as Teacher Jean, strongly believes in the saying “Poverty is not a hindrance to success.” She was born to a poor family in the peaceful municipality of Magallanes in Agusan del Norte, CARAGA Region. She was never ashamed of being poor, instead she took it as an inspiration to dream high.

At a young age, she was already very persistent to finish her studies. As a working student, she has learned to manage her time both in studying and in working. In addition, she has gained self-confidence in showing off her dancing prowess when she joined Makabayan Cultural Dance Troupe which had been an avenue in obtaining scholarship, thus she was able to finish her collegiate level. It may have been a steep climb, however her love for education was her ultimate driving force to hurdle every obstacle; eventually she had come to realize that everything happens for a reason. Her keys to be successful, you must never give up, continue to believe in yourself, follow your dreams and most importantly keep a strong faith in God.

All the hardships had prepared her for the gift that she had always aspired for . . . from being a full-fledged teacher to having her own school Starland International School. From a humble beginning of 20 Kindergarten pupils in a rented small sala with borrowed chairs and tables . . . in less than twenty years, she now has four campuses in Luzon; three campuses in Mindanao and one campus in the Visayas. The school caters not only to learners in the Philippines but also learners from abroad. She has the foresight to offer online classes in 2011 which prepared the school to adjust and cope with the challenges of the COVID19 pandemic. Trusting that everything is according to God’s will; she was rewarded beyond anything she had imagined. God had made her life better than she had ever prayed for.

She had likewise experienced that EDUCATION is indeed a springboard to SUCCESS thus with her undying passion for education, she had obtained her Doctoral degree in Education. However, she firmly believes that success is not so much on having symbols, on being addressed by titles, on covering the walls with plaques and awards to validate one’s work, on wrapping oneself in the robes of superiority, on measuring one’s worth by material things but through the ways and how a person serves others.

She continues to pursue her advocacy of helping people especially the children; of dedicating her life in service unselfishly and of making herself a fountain of blessings to other people . . . she remains humble and simply prefers to be addressed as “teacher” . . . indeed, she is proud of being an EDUCATOR.

Every achievement of the school and its learners reflects the success of Teacher Jean’s journey in life. It is proof of her strong will and determination to succeed.

Every day, she would always profess her life’s greatest motto: Dream Big and Make It Happen.