Welcome to Starland International School

Warm Greetings! Welcome to Starland International School(SIS). We are happy and proud to welcome you in our website and to our school. We are sincerely grateful to all the parents for their utmost understanding, cooperation and support without such, the school will still be halfway in achieving its objectives. It is our earnest desire that young learners will have meaningful and enjoyable moments in Starland and be globally competitive.

Why Choose Starland International School

SIS is a service-oriented school, and provides reasonably-priced, quality education and uses English as the primary medium of instruction.

Our students enjoy the utilization of computer laboratory as well as opportunity to learn the basic conversation drills of Foreign language such as Spanish and Nihonggo.

Other than the basic education curriculum that we offer, SIS makes sure each child is able to discover and to improve on his/her skills and talents through varied extra-curricular activities such as:

membership in the different Academic Clubs (English, Math, and Science)

membership in the Performing Arts and other Academic Clubs

inter-branch and inter-school competitions

on-the-spot writing and drawing contests

literary competitions

MTAP Training Classes

Science Research Projects for Grades 4 to 6

Science Investigatory Projects for Grades 7 to 10

Every two (2) years, the school stages a musical play for the learners to display their talents and develop their passion for performance, culture and the arts.

Starland History

In May 2001, borne out of a young woman’s determination to share her God-given talents, passion for teaching, and eagerness to transform, the dream that was Starland Kiddie School (SKS) became a reality. 

Rooted firmly in altruistic action, Starland, or “Star of the Land,” is the manifestation of a deep desire that Dr. Jean Dumago-Descallar has had in her heart for as long as she can remember. 

In a tiny living room, the young but indefatigable then-Teacher Jean Dumago-Descallar patiently enthusiastically and single-handedly taught each of the twenty (20) nursery and kindergarten students reading, writing and arithmetic.

The cherished aspiration of providing quality education and holistic development to enable students to flourish while effortlessly taking on the challenges of a global community had now become a sweet reality.

The year 2005 saw the number of pupils ballooned to 387. It became clear to the driven and persevering Teacher Jean that it was time for SKS to expand.This paved the way for the Cubao and the Caloocan branches to open, and SKS, which was then already offering a complete elementary level course as well as first to third-year levels of High School, became known as Starland Academy Incorporated (SAI).....read more